Were you aware of this?


I wanted to bring something up with you.

It shouldn’t take long, and if you read this entire email, you’ll probably end up saving yourself from the spiritual battle you’re not even aware of..

Allow me to explain:

A friend of mine once told me about the time when he got married and moved into a new home with his wife.  You’d think it was a touching story, but it was actually horrifying.  You see, he explained that for months they enjoyed their new home living together worshipping and serving the Lord, and couldn’t be happier, but during that entire time, termites had invaded and were slowly but surely destroying their house from the inside out.  They ended up losing their home, and they were devastated.  It’s a sad story, but it’s a perfect example of what happens to a lot of Christians, and I wanted to ask if you were aware of this:

Usually when Christians accept Jesus Christ into their heart and commit to living a better life, they believe they won’t have any more problems; tiptoeing through the tulips.  Unfortunately that’s exactly when the greatest ills of life begin.

Even though your life seems to be going well, you’re unknowingly within a spiritual warfare that’s introducing wickedness, fear, evil and battles which may not seem like they are.  Just like the termites which invaded my friends home while he and his wife were happy.  The wickedness and sins of life begin to destroy you from the inside (if you’re not careful).

This is exactly why I wrote this book:  The Battle’s Not Yours:  A Devotional on Spiritual Warfare.  The book will be ready for distribution December 2013,

www.kenaveirlsministries.tk (under the books section:  The Battle’s Not Yours:  A Devotional on Spiritual Warfare)

I focus on heavy topics such as Power, Authority, Angels, Deliverance, Wickedness, Fear and Evil among a few other topics..

I want to help you through life’s battles, and help guide you through the spiritual warfare which may already exist inside of you without you’re awareness.

That’s why I’m also including this BONUS if you register on the website:  www.kenaveirlsministries.tk   A PDF file containing the “Spiritual Viruses:  10 Spiritual Viruses that are Hard to Clean” 

Over the years of serving my fellow brothers and sisters, I’ve noticed that many of us continue to make the same mistakes time and time again. This PDF is a quick read, and it’ll help you become more forgiving and loving, and avoid the pitfalls which we all descent into at times.

I’m REALLY excited to be offering you this right now!  Once you register on the site, www.kenaveirlsministries.tk, you’ll get the PDF file no matter what!

Please click on the link, and save yourself from the devastation which many Christians are allowing themselves to fall into today.  Most of our failures, can be avoided, as long as you understand what’s going on inside and around you within this spiritual battle.

If you have ANY questions at all, feel free to email me back at any time at CEO@KAMinistries.Com

I can’t wait to hear from you!


Rev. Ken


My friend and his wife were devastated when they lost their home. They had NO clue that termites had invaded and were slowly eating up their new house, as well as their new life together.

But allow me to put this into perspective..

My friend and his wife only lost their home. We’re all very grateful that they still have their health, and continue their devotion to the Lord, as well as their brothers and sisters.

But that’s because they only lost their house.

Imagine if spiritual termites had invaded YOUR spirit?  That’s what I’m trying to save you from, and it’s something I’m very passionate about. Please don’t end up worse than my friend and his wife did years ago..

You can avoid all of the pain and suffering by simply clicking on this link:

www.kenaveirlsministries.tk   Simply enter your name and email address, and then hitting that “Submit” button.

It’s that simple!